Now that we've filtered through your home search results, it's time to schedule an appointment to view your top choices. It's typical to change your criteria after the first few showings as you learn more about what is important to you and what isn't. This is also a time to visualize potential for personal modifications and pay attention to characteristics of the homes that may suggest red flags and expensive repairs.

Tours are an opportunity to discover new compromises or must-have's for your criteria. Although you probably won't love every home that we tour, take note of the things that you liked and didn't like and we'll use them as a learning experience. This helps us on your journey to finding the "perfect fit".

As we walk through, refer back to our last conversation about criteria and ask yourself...

1) Is this a good LOCATION? Also consider your surroundings - nearby construction/highways/airways, traffic, noise, smells, etc.

2) Does it have the right amount of ACREAGE? Also consider utility/sewer easements and where the well/sewer systems are located, if any.

3) Does the overall SIZE give you enough heated square footage? Are the SIZES of the rooms sufficient?

4) Will the LAYOUT work for your purpose and lifestyle?

5) Yes, it may be cliche, but what does your GUT say about the home? 

Don't let the cosmetics have too much impact on your impression. Things like paint colors, cabinet finishes, etc. can be fairly simple fixes and aren't usually worth ruling out a house for.  It's our job to negotiate on your behalf - there may be a way that we can have those changes taken care of before move-in day. 

As we walk through the home, it is important to also look at the property from an investment perspective. What apparent issues do we see and are the cost of those repairs reflected in the listing price? Some of the most expensive home repairs are listed below, along with a few tips. * We are experienced observers, NOT home inspectors. We always advise on hiring licensed inspectors to perform a professional inspection and produce a written report once you are under contract for the property.

Foundation - Check for cracks on walls inside the house, on the exterior foundation wall and on the garage floor. Note musty smells or discoloration in the crawl space/basement.

Roof - Look for missing shingles and water leaks on the ceilings.

Plumbing - Examine the water heater for rust, run the faucets/showers and check under the sinks for water damage.

Electrical - Check for three prong outlets and GFCI's. Test light switches and take a peek at the electrical panel.

Heating/Cooling - Check to see if the heating/cooling is running. Look at the condition of the units.

Termites - Keep your eye out for damaged wood in the crawlspace and swarms of bugs.

Septic (if any) - Test the flushing of toilets. See how quickly sinks/showers drain. Note if there is an egg smell outside.

Although they may not be able to answer all of our questions, sellers are requested to disclose information about their listing such as the age of the roof, age of heating/cooling sources, plumbing issues, presence of hazardous materials, etc. on the Residential Property Disclosure. Regardless, your own inspections should still be done.

Depending on the housing market and what type of properties we are touring, may mean that we need to act fast if you fall in love with one of the homes. This is why it's so important to complete the prior steps of the Buyer Journey before touring homes - so that you have your loan pre-qualification letter or proof of funds letter on-hand, an understanding of the offer contracts/terms and what the rest of the process entails moving forward.


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