Solving Your Real Estate Problem

Posted by Steve Vincent on Apr 26, 2014 10:30:06 AM

In Buyers, HAMP, no equity refinance, Foreclosure Prevention, HARP, loan modification, Sellers

Thinking personDo you have a real estate problem?  Is your present home somehow inadequate for your current situation?  Do you need to sell it and move to a more suitable home?  Maybe you are a renter who needs to find a way to get started down the road to home ownership.  Are you an empty-nester who needs to downsize?  Perhaps you've been transferred to another city and need to sell your home fast for the highest possible amount.

These kinds of problems are actually easy to solve.  At GreatNest, we solve them every day.  In every case, the best solution is to find a knowledgeable, experienced expert, and work with that person toward an acceptable solution, and we believe the best possible partner you could have is the team at The Vincent Group at GreatNest.

But what if your real estate problem is more complicated than the ones mentioned above?  What if the home you bought six years ago is now worth less than your mortgage balance?  What if a change in your work situation has made it difficult for you to make your mortgage payments?  What if you've missed a few payments and are now receiving foreclosure notices from your lender?

There is help for you too, and once again, it begins here with the team at GreatNest.  There are great programs from private lenders and government entities designed specifically to help home owners in these kinds of difficult situations.  For example:

HARP is a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac program to help people with very little or no equity in their properties to refinance.  It is perfect for people who bought when prices were high and now find the value of their home has dropped near or below their mortgage amount.  The program does require that the borrower be in good standing with their current mortgage, but can help an otherwise stuck home owner refinance and perhaps reduce their monthly payment.

HAMP is a loan modification program that helps home owners change the terms of their existing mortgage to reduce payments and avoid foreclosure.  It compliments the in-house foreclosure prevention programs many lenders now have in place.

This all sounds great, but the truth is:  navigating this jumble of programs and requirements can be daunting.  A quick scan of the federal government website for presenting HARP and HAMP,, reveals a jumble of tools and tips, forms and how-to videos, all too complicated for the typical American home owner to understand and keep organized.  And without specific knowledge of how to tap into resources your current lender may have, that process can stall after an initial phone call.

At GreatNest, we know these programs - and more.  We understand them and how to tap into them.  Our business is not just helping people buy and sell real estate;  it is also helping Triad residents solve their real estate problems, even if there is not a listing or sale in it for us. If you are facing one of these knotty real estate problems and need direction, call us. If we can help Triad home owners get out of a jam today, they will likely contact us when it is time to make a move.
And of course, if your real estate problem is a little less dramatic, if you are just needing to buy or sell, you won't find a better partner to help move that process along.  We thrive on your success!