Using Social Media to Sell Your House

Posted by Steve Vincent on Jul 1, 2014 10:27:40 AM

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At The Vincent Group at  GreatNest, we pull out all the stops to market our listings. Today that not only means traditional methods like ads and post cards, mailers, flyers, signs and the like; it also means heavy involvement in Internet marketing.  We broadcast our listings to dozens of real estate property portals, give every listing its own website, create a virtual tour for each one and delve deeply into Google, Facebook and Twitter as we search for buyers.  Even this blog helps by keeping relevant, search engine optimized content about the local market before consumers.

But GreatNest is also about seller participation.  We want our sellers to be as involved in the process as they want to be (and some don't want to be involved at all, and that's fine).  If they'd like to hold their own open houses, we'll help them do that.  If they'd like to present the home to the neighbors or talk it up at work, that's great.  And, if they find their own buyers, they'll save even more money than they would if an agent did.  That's the GreatNest Way.

Home sellers can also participate in the marketing process by using Social Media.  The average American has between 129 and 160 Facebook Friends depending on age bracket.  When we put a home on the market and create its individual web page and virtual tour, we encourage our sellers to share that page with their Friends.  It helps to add a more personal note, something like:  'Hello Everyone!  We recently put our home on the market with GreatNest.  I'd really appreciate it if you'd share this with your Facebook Friends.  Who knows?  It might be perfect for one of them!  Thanks.'

Let's do a little hypothetical math.  If you share with your 150 Friends, and half of them share with their 150 Friends, and 20% of them share with their 150 Friends, and so on . . .before you know it, you will have put your listing before 348,900 people!!

Staggering, isn't it!  If  you are active on Twitter or LinkedIn, you might do the same there.

So what happens if your Friend calls and says their Friend saw the house on Facebook and wants to take a look?  You have a choice.  You can have us call them and arrange a showing, or you could invite them to stop by and show them through yourself.  If they like it, we'll take over, write the offer, negotiate and then handle the sale all the way through closing.  And all you pay is the low, set fee.

At GreatNest, we are all about savings and effective use of our clients' social media connections can help to maximize that!

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