Thank You! And Congratulations!

Posted by Steve Vincent on Jul 27, 2015 10:16:16 AM

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The Vincent Group at GreatNestI just learned  in the month of June this year, our GreatNest office was the second most productive GreatNest office in the country!  Last month an office in Virginia helped just one more buyer and seller realize their housing dreams - good for them!

It may seem odd to brag about being number two, but I am very proud for my small team of professionals.  We've been slowly climbing through the ranks for some months, inching ever closer to our ultimate goal:  the number one GreatNest Office in the system.  Making it to number two tells me we are poised to take that ultimate step.

There are a number of reasons why we've risen to this position, including:

Our clients.  The bulk of our sales come from repeat business from former clients and their referrals.  The people who work with us to buy or sell love the service we offer and are surprised and delighted by the money they save. Often they are so pleased they become our advocates in the field, telling everyone they know about their good experience.

Our staff.  We are a small team - just  six people.  We've taken the real estate job and broken it down into areas of specialization and everyone has his or her own specific role.  You may be working with just one of us at any given time, but you are really working with a whole team of people backing that person up.  It is a team approach that is very rare in the real estate business.

Our competitors.  I know that sounds odd, but other Realtors - those working in ordinary offices - have also helped us get to this point.  It was difficult at first, but soon they began to understand that we were just a different approach to the business, one that offered a real choice for consumers.  Now they show and sell our listings every day.  In fact, more than half of our sales last month involved an outside broker. Equally exciting is that we regularly receive referrals from our fellow brokers when their clients need full service but need to save money.

I'm looking forward to the rest of 2015 and have great plans on how to crack that top spot before year's end.  When we get there, believe me: I'll let you know!