Spring Cleaning: The Basics of Refreshing Your Home

Posted by Steve Vincent on Jun 19, 2017 12:25:02 PM

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Don't YOU have this much fun spring cleaning?

The idea of Spring Cleaning has a long tradition in many cultures around the world, from ancient Persians to modern Greek Orthodox nations. Many people in Ireland and North America practice New Year’s cleaning to start the year off on a good foot (although no cleaning at all is to be done on the Chinese New Year!). Here in the South, early spring can be a great time to air out and “deep clean” your home – warm but not hot temperatures, pollen count not yet too high, and mosquitos still not a nuisance. Whenever you get the urge to tidy and clean your nest, here are a few helpful pointers about where to invest your energy to get results.

Dust Walls and Ceilings

This is a lesson I never learned for some reason, but I can really tell a difference in my home since I figured out that dust collects on walls and ceilings…and started dusting them periodically. It seems strange that dust could collect on a ceiling, but it does, especially in humid climates. Recently, I vacuumed my den’s popcorn ceiling (yuck) and it made the room look about 10% brighter! Walls can be dusted with a duster or very slightly damp rag—or vacuumed. I promise your rooms will look so much cleaner and lighter.

Clean Upholstery and Textile Window Treatments

Some upholstered furnishings have removable covers that can be taken to the dry cleaner (or even machine-washed). Furnishing that has non-removable upholstery should be vacuumed thoroughly with an upholstery attachment. Curtains, draperies, and fabric shades also should be dry cleaned unless their care instructions say machine washing is suitable.

Blinds Are Dust Magnets

Anyone who does ANY housecleaning knows that blinds are just magnets for dust – and with their many horizontal surfaces, they’re hard to clean. Our best advice is to buy a vacuum attachment that will help you reach all slats of wooden blinds or plantation shutters, or wipe them down with a damp cloth. If you are certain you have vinyl or metal blinds (in good condition), you can give them a “bath” in your bathtub or spray with a hose outdoors. I’ve tried the bath technique and it worked great…my blinds just snap in and out, and it was much easier to get every slat clean when they were submerged in the bathtub! Clean blinds are another room brightener, for sure.

Grout Needs Refreshing

In bathrooms and any other locations that have countertops or tile surfaces, it’s important to reseal the grout lines between the tiles periodically. Grout stains easily, and stained grout looks unclean even when it’s clean! So after you clean any discolorations, reseal it with a penetrating grout cleaner.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Technically, it’s not cleaning, but adding “check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors” to your list is just a smart idea – an easy way to ensure that your family stays safe in the event of an emergency. Experts suggest dusting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replacing their batteries at least twice a year.

Windows and Window Screens

Dirty windows or window screens can really darken your home inside and make the exterior look neglected. Clean the inside and outside of your windows, and clean screens with dishwashing soap and water (rinse out well!). You’ll be amazed at how sparkly clean your interior and exterior will look when you’re done!

How about your spring cleaning rituals? Any special tips or tricks for flooring types, wood surfaces, or other heavy-use, hard-to-clean surfaces? We’d love to learn from you!

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