How to Save Money on Realtor Fees When Selling Your Triad Home

Posted by Steve Vincent on Mar 18, 2014 2:01:34 PM

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GreatNest is synonymous with savings AND service.The Vincent Group at GreatNest

Saving consumers money when selling their homes is so much who we are that savings is what most people picture when they hear our name.

In the consumer's mind, GreatNest = Savings.

We save sellers thousands over what they'd pay a traditional, percentage based real estate company without compromising service.  In fact, we do everything the other guys do (and more); we just charge a low set fee for the service, not a big percentage commission.

At GreatNest, we market your home all over the Internet, in the local media and on the Multiple Listing Service, but we also understand that YOU may find the buyer yourself.  It's not unusual for a GreatNest listed seller to learn that a friend, neighbor or colleague would like to purchase their property.  Because there is no outside brokerage or agent involved in these situations, they present the greatest opportunity for SAVINGS.  Unlike our traditional competitors, at GreatNest you pay less - and save more - when the buyer is not using an agent.

Many of our home sellers willingly participate at finding their own buyers and we help them do this with marketing materials, tips and advice.  Some will take our flyers with them to the office.  This is a great idea for any home seller as you never know who will be transferring in from another location or who may already be looking for a home just like yours.  We suggest our sellers invite the interested party over for a look and then put us in touch with them and we take it from there.

Today, many of our seller clients will post our virtual tour to their social media accounts. They may reach an entirely different audience and possibly connect with a buyer - local or from a far off locale. The power of 'sharing' can multiply our combined reach!

Sometimes a neighbor or a relative of a neighbor might be interested in the home.  That's why we send just listed cards throughout the neighborhood. Some of our clients have even distributed our flyers door-to-door (one saved nearly $30,000 doing just that). We've even helped clients hold a special Open House for the people who live on the block.

Sellers who are really serious about saving the most often hold their own open houses.  It's not difficult.  We'll advertise for you and then you'll be on hand to greet visitors and show people through.  We suggest that nobody be allowed to tour the property without signing in with a name and phone number.  At the end of the day, we make the follow-up phone calls and pursue any interest.

We usually think of weekends as the best time to hold Open Houses.  This is not always the case!  Quite a few of our sellers have found their perfect buyers at seller-held open houses during weekday afternoons.  The hours including the end of  the school day and the evening commute can be particularly effective. It's a new world and doing things the 'same old way' may not be enough.

So, if you are interested in saving THE MOST and GETTING RESULTS when selling your home:

  1. List with GreatNest.  We will save you thousands over what you'd pay a traditional real estate company, with no compromise in service and, dare I say, better marketing.
  2. Talk with us about no-hassle ways you might find your own buyer.   If you do, you'll pay much less than if an outside broker or agent are involved.
  3. No matter whether you want to be involved or not, when you list with us you get full service, save thousands AND maximize your return. No one will help you keep more of your money in your pocket!

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