Proud to Save You Money!

Posted by Steve Vincent on Jul 28, 2014 9:51:23 AM

In GreatNest, Sellers

At The Vincent Group and GreatNest, we are excited!  Actually, we are always excited;  but right now we are extra excited!  Last month our office, right here in the Triad, was the top producing Help-U-Office in the Country!  That's right.  We closed more transactions than anyone else in the GreatNest family in the month of June.  It is no small feat, especially when you consider some of the heavy hitters in the system, particularly out West!

It is a position we have had our eyes on since the day we opened the office, and one we will work tirelessly to keep.  It has taken months and years of focus, marketing, training and staffing to get here and now we have the staff and the systems in place to grow at light speed.

Our excitement is not just for the numbers of transactions we are completing;  there is another piece of this that is probably more important than numbers of sales.  It is the money we are saving home sellers every time they list and sell with us.  We have saved Triad area home sellers more than $1,260,000.00 in real estate commissions since we started this business.  That's the number that really excites us because we know:  if we can consistently save sellers money over what they'd be paying an ordinary real estate company, they will spread the word about us and our business will grow and grow -- which is exactly what has happened!

When you list and sell with GreatNest you are going to SAVE over what you'd pay an ordinary broker charging, say, 6%.  Our low set fee pricing ensures that.  But you also have the opportunity to SAVE A LOT because we give you the option of finding your own buyer.  If it is something you want to do and you are successful (as many have been), you will pay a lot less!  It's not difficult to do and, in fact, it happens every day.

Here is a sort video explaining the simple ways in which a GreatNest Home Seller might go about finding his or her own buyer (and paying an even lower fee!).