Nobody markets like we do.

When you list with The Vincent Group at GreatNest, your home is presented to potential buyers everywhere.  It will be in the MLS, in the local media, and all over the Internet - not just this website or that website but virtually every website buyers go to when looking for homes for sale, including our competitors' websites!

Like I said - Nobody markets like we do.

But, marketing alone will not cause your home to sell.  It takes a lot more.  The home has to be in a location buyers find desirable (by the way: all locations are desirable to some buyers, it's just that some are more desirable to more buyers than others).  It has to be a style and floorplan that is workable for most families; and it has to be in good shape.

However, the single most important factor that makes a home marketable is price.  In fact, one of the questions we are most often asked is how to price your home for sale. You have to hit the market with a proper price - which means one within the range of fair market value at the time of listing.

It does NOT mean a price that is too low.  A price below market value tells buyers to be careful; there must be something terribly wrong with this house!  And a price that is too high says your are not serious about selling.

It means a proper price.  We work with our Seller Clients to establish a proper price by first looking at the neighborhood.  We want to know the highest price for which a home in the neighborhood might sell and the lowest.  In essence:  we establish the boundaries of the neighborhood ballpark.  Then we use comparable sales data to decide where, within that neighborhood range, the specific house falls:  is it at the top of the range or closer to the bottom.  We also consider the sellers' objectives:  are they wanting to move quickly or do they have months?

Ultimately, a proper price on a well-marketed home means a successful sale within the sellers' time-frame; and isn't that what every home seller wants?

Here is a short video about pricing that puts the concept of 'Proper Pricing' into perspective: