The New Rules of Modern Real Estate

Posted by Steve Vincent on May 10, 2018 3:29:52 PM

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When this new business endeavor, GreatNEST, was just a twinkle in our eye, we knew that we wanted things to be different at our company than they are at any other real estate firm. We wanted to stop playing by the old rules of traditional, ordinary real estate, which don't serve anyone well--and in the process of planning this new venture, we set about thinking about what rules we DO want to play by.  We determined that the best thing we could do was make the most of what DOES work in traditional real estate, but set our sights on embracing innovation in everything we do.

After many emails, texts, late-night conversations, whiteboard brainstorming sessions, and so on, I realized we had hit on 10 new rules of modern real estate. Drumroll, they are:

Rule #1:  Expect NO Percentage-Based Commissions

What does the value of your house have to do with the cost of selling it?  The simple answer is: Not much, if anything. In modern real estate, you should pay a flat fee to sell your home.

Rule #2:  Expect Performance and Results

Modern real estate services are nimble, savvy, and calculated. The world moves quickly, so your Realtor must, too.

Rule #3:  Expect Personal Service

Technology is great. We love it. Don’t be blinded by it. Personal service is more important than ever as the pace and complexity of real estate continue to accelerate.

Rule #4: Expect Full-Time Professional Representation

Modern real estate requires full-time practitioners. Would you work with a surgeon or financial planner who only dabbled in his or her profession? Or one who was only available at certain limited times?

Rule #5: Expect Modern Methods and Technology

Professional photography, virtual tours, and syndication are just the beginning. Modern real estate is also about a rational fee structure, quality and frequency of communication, social media, targeted advertising, cloud storage, and more.

Rule #6: Expect Real-Time Communication

In a world of smart phones and apps, you should never wait days—let alone weeks—for actionable information. Timely communication has never been more important than it is today.

Rule #7:  Expect Transparency

The days of hidden fees, add-ons, and unexpected problems are over. So are the days when real estate agents hid behind voicemail, or worse, in their offices. Access to your agent and information about the real estate process should be simple and routine.

Rule #8:  Expect Only to Pay for Success

Built-in buyer’s agent fees and payments demanded regardless of a successful outcome are practices that aren’t in your best interests and have no place in modern real estate.

Rule #9:  Expect a Guarantee of Satisfaction

You should be happy with the home your agent helped you buy. If not, the agent should be willing to sell your home for free. Simple as that.

Rule #10:  Accept No Compromises

No kidding! Modern real estate challenges the traditional methods at every turn. Our agents keep their eyes on the ball, looking for the best ways to handle things, make improvements to "the way it's always been done," and deliver the results you should be able to count on.


Join your neighbors and embrace A Smarter Way to Real Estate. If we can provide you with any assistance related to buying or selling residential property in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Jamestown, and other Piedmont Triad areas, call us at (336) 790-5210, email Steve Vincent, and visit our website at and our blog at for more information. GreatNest is embracing innovation in all of our real estate services, providing transparency, personal service, and exceptional results in the process. Because of us, real estate is changing for the better.