How to Hang on to Your Home EQUITY!

Posted by Steve Vincent on Oct 28, 2015 10:20:49 AM

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Medical professionals are reporting a new malady that is spreading so fast that it has reached near epidemic status in the Carolinas!  Symptoms include ulcers, sudden crying jags, loud vocal outbursts and occasional acts of violence on pens, papers, vases and other ceramics.  The name of this malady:  Real Estate Commission Sticker Shock!

Could you be suffering from this?  If you’ve ever looked down at your closing statement and gasped when you saw the commission amount, if you've ever become agitated or begun to sweat when your real estate broker quotes his or her commission rate, you could be at risk.  Thankfully, there is a quick and easy cure and a way to avoid this epidemic all together:  List your home with The Vincent Group and GreatNest instead!  Here, you'll get an exceptional, professional, full service real estate experience . . . for a fraction of what an ordinary real estate broker might charge.

At GreatNest, we charge a low set fee for our comprehensive services, so everyone pretty much pays the same thing, and you can save thousands in real estate commissions. No, we’re not a Do-It-Yourself company, nor are we a stripped down, discount version of a regular real estate company. We are a full service real estate agency, doing all the things other real estate brokers do - and more - but charging a set fee for our services.

Does it work?  Over just the past 24 months, we've sold 210 Triad area homes - about 2 a week.  And, we saved our home sellers tens of thousands of dollars in commissions - more than $1.7 million saved in total!  Put simply:

With GreatNest and The Vincent Group, you can keep more of your equity!

If you’ve been in your home for awhile, you’ve worked hard to build equity in your property. That’s your nest-egg, your ticket to your next great home. Don’t just give it away to your real estate agent because that’s the way it’s always been done! Step up to the new way to sell your home and save. Step up to The Vincent Group and GreatNest.