HondaJet and Boeing: A Merry Christmas for Greensboro and Winston Salem Area?

Posted by Steve Vincent on Dec 18, 2013 1:51:02 PM

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HondaJet HondaJet

It seems to us that the following two stories portend some great economic trends for the greater Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point area. In fact, for the entire Triad of North Carolina. HondaJet is taking off and Boeing may be landing! Can you imagine the effect on Greensboro area housing? How about development from supporting industries? No question the shortage of 'buildable' lots would only worsen in the short-term, but maybe the prospect of demand would allow area banks to loosen their purse-strings for potential development.

Boeing 777 Boeing 777

The first article, written by Richard M. Barron for the News and Record, reveals the potential for a very nice “Christmas present” and excites the heck out of us! A Boeing plant would mean thousands and thousands of jobs let alone supporting industry.

GREENSBORO — Boeing is starting the elimination round

"The company said Tuesday that it will reveal this week its short list of cities competing for a $10 billion factory that will build the new 777X airplane. It’s a quick turnaround for a company that took applications only a week ago from 22 states offering 54 sites for the plant, which would employ 8,500 people. A spot on the list would be a big Christmas present for Greensboro and Piedmont Triad International Airport, which is among three sites that North Carolina has offered. Boeing is working full throttle to choose a site — far faster than some imagined." Read more…

HondaJet HondaJet

The second article, written by News and Record Staff, is music to the ears of area residents as HondaJet is about to take off. The ultra-quiet, ultra-efficient new breed of jets symbolizes the resurgent Triad economy better than most anything else.

GREENSBORO - HondaJet's engine now cleared for takeoff

"The FAA has taken the crucial final step that could get the HondaJet out of the hangar to customers in 2014. The Federal Aviation Administration certified the GE Honda Aero Engine, which will power the HondaJet.  Honda Aircraft Co. is building the light jet at Piedmont Triad International Airport. GE Honda Aero Engine said Friday in a statement that the company can now build the engine because the FAA has certified its airworthiness." Read more…

Exciting times may lie ahead. For better, or for worse, (we'll be on better!) we may hardly recognize the industrial and manufacturing landscape of the Piedmont Triad in 20 years.