How Does GreatNest Work? How to Save Money on Realtor Fees.

Posted by Steve Vincent on Apr 4, 2014, 1:10:10 PM

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GreatNest is a simple but very powerful idea.  Of course we charge differently for our services.  Ordinary real estate companies charge a percentage of the sale price as commission,  so that people in more expensive homes pay more for the same service than people in less expensive homes pay.  We charge a Set Fee, so that everyone pretty much pays the same thing, and because the Set Fee is so much less than what the other guys charge, everyone saves with GreatNest.

But that's just the beginning of the difference.  We also charge you at closing based on how the sale was made.  If no outside broker or agent was involved in the sale, you don't pay for one.  If you happen to find your own buyer (and it does happen more than you think!), you'll save even more.  It is the NEW way to sell real estate, and it's about time.  Here is a 90 second introduction to our company, what we do and how we work: