How to Choose a Greensboro Pool to Join This Summer

Posted by Steve Vincent on Jul 10, 2017 9:47:00 AM

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In the South, it’s always a treat to jump into a cool, refreshing swimming pool on a hot day. In the Triad area of NC—Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem—there is a huge array of public and private pools to choose from. I know more about Greensboro’s pools just because I live here, but it seems options are similar in other areas. With such an array of pools at different price points and sizes, it’s hard to decide what pool to go to. We live up the street from one pool, but we’re within an easy drive of at least five others!

So, I’m thinking if you’re new to the area, it might be good to have a bit of a guide for how to choose a pool to join (or just visit):

1. How convenient is the pool?

For most people, convenience is key – especially if you’re a family where two parents work. If you want to be able to chill out at the pool after work or send the kids up for a couple of hours on the weekend, pick a pool that’s close to your home.

2.  How serious is the pool about its summer swim team program?

Our neighborhood pool, Pinetop Sport Club, has a summer swim team that’s relatively new, fairly small, and a bit less strict than some other teams—swimmers compete successfully against other pools’ but they’re (mostly) not year-round swimmers. Many people appreciate the lower key approach and smaller size of our swim team, but others with more competitive swimmers may prefer another club. Two not far from us, Hamilton Lakes Swim & Tennis Club, Starmount Forest, and Green Valley Park, all have much larger teams, greater proportions of year-round swimmers on the teams, and a more competitive approach.

3.  Do you enjoy an adult beverage by the pool?

Many pools prohibit alcohol consumption for safety reasons. Others (all private pools) take a more relaxed approach, serving beer and wine to adults. For most folks, this is not a deal-breaker, but others enjoy kicking back with a beer after a busy workday. The choice is yours!

4.  Do you like the pool amenities?

Some pool properties are larger than others—several I know of have multiple pools with one for lap swimming, another for play, and a kiddie pool or some other combination. Some pools are newer and/or better maintained, and some have fun features for kids like slides, high dives, and splash pads.

Many are part of sport clubs that also offer access to other sports like tennis, golf, and sand volleyball. Most clubs have snack bars, but the breadth of their menus and quality of their food varies greatly. Likewise, the clubhouses at pools vary from those with extensive indoor entertainment options (foosball, ping pong, televisions, etc.) to those with not much more than a few tables.

5.  Do your friends and/or your children’s friends go to the pool?

For our family, going to the pool closest by made the most sense when my kids were smaller – most of their school friends who attended the same elementary school and middle school were members there, so they always had built-in playmates while we were able to enjoy talking with other adults or just sunning by the pool. If your kids have friends at the pool, they’re a lot more likely to enjoy it, and you’re more likely to get to relax while they hang out!

6.  Is the pool cost within your budget?

Private pools in our area vary in price, with some family memberships at neighborhood-style for the year costing under $700, while others with more country club-style amenities can cost many thousand. City pools are extremely inexpensive, with day rates as low as $1 and all-summer passes for under $100.d

A few Greensboro-area outdoor pools to consider...

Here’s a quick list of a few private and public pools I know about in Greensboro: Please comment below if I left anything out or you have favorites on the list.


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